Adamatic Destainer Powder - 10KG
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Adamatic Destainer Powder - 10KG

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A powder for use on tough stains on crockery, plastics, stainless steel tea urns, coffee pots, vending machines and water spots on cutlery.


A soluble free flowing chlorinated powder developed for the quick and safe removal of tannin stains from crockery, plastics, stainless steel tea urns, coffee pots and vending machines and helps remove water spotting from cutlery. This product should usually be sited in the still-room or in an area where de-staining is done. For use on all crockery, plastics, melamine, stainless steel urns, coffee pots and can also be used to remove marks on most plastic chopping boards. Manufactured by RP Adam.

Each order is 10KG of powder.


Caution: Adamatic Destainer is not recommended for glass items as it can over time etch the glass leaving it with a milky-white finish.

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