Always Fresh Odour Neutraliser - 5lt

Always Fresh Odour Neutraliser - 5lt

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Ready-to-use, fast acting, odour neutraliser with a clean, lemon fragrance.


Our Always Fresh Odour Neutraliser is a ready-to-use, fast acting neutraliser, specifically designed to quickly eliminate malodors whilst leaving a zesty, lemon scent.

The Always Fresh Odour Neutraliser is ideal for use in multiple environments, such as floors, walls, kitchens, and bathrooms. Effective against urine, tobacco, smoke, food, pet odours and many more. Containing bactericidal odour neutralising agents which break down malodours, removing them from the atmosphere, rather than masking.

Supplied in a 5 litre plastic jerry can, the Always Fresh Odour Neutraliser is convenient, kind to the environment (refillable, and recyclable), and easy to use.

Use liberally as and when needed to each corner of the room and let the clean, lemon scent freshen and condition the atmosphere.

The Beaucare  Always Fresh Odour Neutraliser can also be used to freshen soft furnishings* for a longer-lasting scent.

Highly economical in use, available as a 5L concentrate or 750ml ready-to-use formula.


Key Features:

-          5 Litre Plastic Jerry Can

-          Ready to use formula

-          PH Neutral

-          Zesty, lemon scent

-          Long-lasting

-          EN1276 Certified


*Apply to an inconspicuous area to check colour transfer before use on materials.

**Please refer to COSHH for detailed information regarding chemical composition.

Can be used in conjunction with carpet cleaners and put directly into washing machines.

-          Pack Size: 1

-          Size: 5 litre

-          Colour: Colourless

-          Odour: Lemon, Citrus

-          Oxidising: Non-oxidising (by EC criteria)

-          Solubility in water: Soluble

-          pH Level: 7

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