Bedi Shield for Dental Care - Box of 12

Bedi Shield for Dental Care - Box of 12

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The Bedi Shield is a specialised mouth prop that allows home carers & health professionals to carry out hygiene procedure like brushing, dental check –ups, dry mouth care and other oral care procedures. 

It is a useful care product for people with any form of cognitive loss and memory impairment such as dementia, autism – as well as young children


Problems with oral care without the Bedi Shield

  • An individual with cognitive loss (such as dementia) may bite the caregiver
  • Opening the mouth wide to prevent biting can cause jaw discomfort to the care recipient
  • A finger directly in the mouth is unhygienic for both the care giver and care recipient


  • Safe and hygienic method of inspecting the mouth
  • Washes easily with water and soap
  • Protects care-givers finger from involuntary biting
  • Care recipient can rest teeth on the Bedi Sheild reducing jaw ache and discomfort

How to use:

  • Place a finger into the Bedi Shield.
  • Each shield has two inserts on each side, allowing the carer giver to hold unto the shield if a little loose
  • Insert the shield comfortably into one side of the patient’s mouth between their teeth
  • The device comfortably and securely keeps the mouth open while they inspect or clean the other side
  • Once complete simple repeat action on the opposite side of the mouth


  • The Bedi Shield comes in a pack of 12
  • Each single shield last for up to 2 weeks
  • Each box is 24 weeks supply for an individual


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