The Art of Assisted Bathing - Sensory Benefits

Bathing is an important part of everyday life, good hygiene is fundamental to good care, but not everyone positively experiences this. Whilst it may be relaxing for some it may also be unsettling, frightening and what seems to be an unnecessary task for others. We explore how innate senses are stimulated, to redefine the bathing process thus creating a warm and positive feeling.

Each day we experience the world with our feelings. Hearing, taste, touch, smell and vision, each working together to form our views, likes, dislikes, opinions, and insights. So much so, our personalities are formed through our interpretation of our unique surroundings and environment.

Studies have shown  94% of the information we process is through our sight and auditory senses. Whilst our senses can work symbiotically, they can also work independently; prohibiting one can enhance another. Through sensory stimulation we look to experience events we enjoy, therefore repeating processes for fulfilment whilst actively avoiding those that have a negative impact.

With age our senses can weaken thus dampening experiences, missing out on details and changing our lifestyle. 94% of older adults will experience a sensory impairment in later life; they may not be able to see, hear or communicate as effectively. A loss of nerve endings can diminish tastes and decrease blood flow which in turn can reduce the sense of touch.

What can we do to ensure that even through later life, we are still stimulated and fulfilled by what we enjoy? It is a question we often get asked. Enhancing experiences and adapting routines can lead to a much happier mindset and an overall calmer outlook.

We work closely with our suppliers to ensure our medical equipment can meet those obligations, enabling users to live life to the fullest.

Hygiene is a crucial part of everyone’s life and our specialist Renaissance bathing range ensures an enjoyable and tranquil setting for residents. By subtly enhancing the frame of the bath we can positively increase bodily sensations through lighting, sounds and water technology.

Colour Therapy

Chromotherapy lights are widely used in the field of dementia care and learning disabilities. Colour therapy is the incorporation of soft, successive lighting. In effect, this improves a person’s temperament and in turn well-being.

The five alternate colour tones we generate illuminate the room to create a calming, meaningful experience.

  1. White is used as a purifier to the senses and mind
  2. Violet increases cell regeneration which helps reduce inflammation
  3. Green brings harmony and balance
  4. Light red is warming, energizing and courageous
  5. Orange is fresh and invigorating, awakening the soul

Sound Therapy

The soothing effect of music and natural outdoor sounds is well recognised. Our auditory senses have a direct link to our emotions and when utilised purposefully, sound can be an extremely effective stress management tool.

Listening to music can have a relaxing effect on our minds and bodies - especially slow, quiet classical music. This type of music can benefit our well being in various ways such as: slowing the heart rate, lowering blood pressure and decreasing the levels of stress-inducing hormones.

Music’s form and structure bring order and security to the elderly and disabled encouraging coordination and communication, thus improving their quality of life. As music absorbs our attention, it acts as a distraction to perceived tedious tasks, whilst also stimulating our mind and body.


Our purpose-designed air spa system is particularly relevant where skin sensitivity may be an issue. Through the creation of vertical bubbles, the air is pumped into the bath via nozzles located on the surface of the bath. As a result, the soft water bubbles positively benefit those who may be elderly, physically impaired or suffering from arthritis; by relaxing their joints through the dedicated water environment.

Studies have shown that air spa hydrotherapy is detoxifying and can loosen tight muscles. Through hydrotherapy, we can help to increase metabolic rate as digestive activity is stimulated leading to improved bowel nerves, muscles, and movement. An additional advantage of hydrotherapy is improved blood circulation enhancing the revitalisation of internal organs.

The long-term effects which sensory products can sustain are immense. We are keen to ensure that our customers receive the best level of care.  Researchers have found that during brain scans, areas of the brain light up in response to different kinds of stimulation; this highlights the importance of sensory activities.

We work with you to ensure our products provide optimum results for those in your care. Our Renaissance range has great benefits, to view the full range please contact us for your free catalogue.

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