Healthcare professionals choose Bella laundry range

Healthcare professionals choose Bella laundry range

Beaucare Medical Ltd, the UK’s premier supplier of hygiene medical supplies and equipment to private care homes, hospitals and individuals,  re-introduce their ‘Bella’ range of efficient, cost effective and eco-friendly laundry cleaning products.

The Bella laundry range is specifically formulated with healthcare establishments in mind. It is cleverly designed to provide superb cleaning performance at lower temperatures, shorter wash cycles and kill bacteria at just 30°C, therefore providing a more sustainable laundry cleaning process in terms of overall running costs and for the environment.

Bella professional comes in powder or liquid form: 10kg tubs, 5lt or 20lt liquid containers’. When combining the laundry liquid with automated dosing systems, it creates one of the most efficient laundry solutions available on the market today.

Beaucare also offers full advice on the most efficient way to run all healthcare laundry needs and provides expert fitting and maintenance of automatic dosing systems by Beaucare’s own service engineers.

The full Bella laundry solution, enables healthcare proffessionals to be safe in the knowledge that their washing is ultra clean, even at low temperatures.

Beaucare Bella laundry range Beaucare Bella laundry range
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