Revolutionising Pureed Food for the Elderly

The concept of pureed food is often associated younger ages. However, it can also have a variety of benefits later in life. Revolutionising pureed food for the elderly can help older individuals to receive all the nutrition they need, while making the process of eating a lot easier.

Easier to swallow

Illnesses that affect people's ability to swallow become much more likely in old age. These swallowing problems are known as dysphagia and in these cases, attempting to swallow can be extremely dangerous in increasing the likelihood of choking. Suffering from this difficulty is harmful as being able to swallow plays a huge role in someone's ability to receive essential nutrients. In these cases, pureed food can be a lifesaver. Removing solids from someone’s diet makes it a lot easier to swallow while minimising the risk of choking.

Helps the elderly to receive the right nutrients 

By overcoming the issue of swallowing through the removal of solids, it becomes much easier for elderly individuals to receive the nutrition they need. This population can still enjoy the flavours they have always loved, while still benefiting from the nutrition they possess. This has obvious benefits to health, as everything from meat, vegetables, fruit, and carbohydrates can be pureed. This ensures that the elderly are still receiving the protein, vitamins, and fats that they need to remain healthy.

Easier to digest

Pureed food is easier for the body to digest; the process of pureeing is like chewing a food product over and over. Because much of the food product is already broken down, it is much easier for the digestive system to absorb it. As we get older, our digestive system gradually worsens. Not only this, but medication that elderly people often have to take, can lead to digestive problems. As a result, it is extremely beneficial for those with digestive problems to have food that is easier to digest.

Flavour can be enhanced

Pureeing food doesn’t mean a lack of flavour, in fact, flavour can actually be enhanced in the process. And not only this, but it’s easier to enhance the flavour even more. For example, adding a little sugar can make pureed vegetables taste a lot sweeter. This flavour enhancement is ideal as it is often harder to taste at an older age.

Pureed food can be made to look appealing

Pureed food can often be unappetising and a little ‘sloppy’. However, it needn’t be this way. Food that doesn’t look good isn’t going to look appealing to those presented with it, and this isn’t going to have a positive impact on their struggle with eating. Because of this, innovative puree food molds have been created to ensure that pureed food looks just as edible as non-pureed food. This encourages a dignified dining experience for the elderly and has a variety of benefits:

Benefits of Food Molds

Understanding the visual effects of pureed food on the satisfaction of those eating it is revolutionising pureed food for the elderly. Pureed food can be extremely beneficial to the elderly population that struggle with swallowing and digestion, and food molds can make the world of difference in making the process a lot more enjoyable.

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