Blunt Fill Filter Needles - 100 per pack

Blunt Fill Filter Needles - 100 per pack

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Rapid filling Blunt fill Filter Needles,  to cope with viscous medications. 5 micron filter to remove particulate from infusion and 45° bevel cut. Designed to help with drawing up fluids given to a patient and improves safety of healthcare professionals to prevent risk of needle stick injuries. 

  • Eliminates an unnecessary sharp
  • 10 x the force to penetrate the skin, compared to a conventional needle
  • Rapid filling, can cope with viscous medications
  • Proven efficacy1
  • Cost-effective
  • Specifically designed to safely bridge medication preparation and administration
  • 5 micron filter captures 98% of particulate2
  • 45° bevel cut reduces coring of vial stopper3
  • Only 2.5x the force needed to penetrate a vial stopper

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