Anov Incontinence

AMD's ANOV Incontinence Pad Range – Exclusive to Beaucare

As we have spent years specialising in Medical and Care products, we learnt a lot about incontinence pads and pants and how much they can positively affect peoples lives. We have exclusive distribution rights within the UK in partnership with AMD Incontinence to bring Anov to you. Created specifically to give you the best value incontinence products you will find online.

AMD manufacture Beaucare's Anov pads come in a fantastic range of sizes to suit all of our customer's needs. No more squeezing into incontinence pants or pads that are too tight or having to put up with loose-fitting products, with Anov incontinence products we want to give you the ultimate comfort. We also offer a fantastic range of absorption levels that will be suitable for all types of incontinence. All this is done whilst giving you cheap incontinence pads that will save you money on the bigger brands.

We can offer free product training to carers who want to learn how to use our products safely and be confident when it comes to caring for patients. We also have some samples that we can give out to both carers, patients and customers should they want to try Anov products before they purchase.

Not only are they fantastic value incontinence products and pads, but they are capable of providing more absorbency than the other bigger brands. They are gentle on the skin, breathable and are made with anti-leakage security. We have both men and women's incontinence pads, pants, nappies and underpads all for a great price and with our promise that they are of fantastic quality.

Come and browse our selection of fantastic, cheap incontinence pads and products here. Great prices on Anov products from the UK's leading provider of Medical and Care products!

If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to contact us on 01423 873 666 and we will be happy to help with any queries you might have.