Beaulift care home hoists

Hoists for Care Homes

Browse the bestselling Beaulift range from Beaucare. Featuring the latest lifting technology, our equipment offers a cost-effective and reliable solution for your care home's transfer requirements. Our hoists provide a safe and efficient transfer method for both patients and carers, with options to suit weights of up to 200kg.

We offer many compact solutions for improved manoeuvrability and simple storage. For example, our Silver Beaulift Mini Hoist is foldable, with a snap lock system to minimise the chances of accidents. For fitted options such as our ceiling track hoists, our expert team can visit your care facility. We will identify the best location for the hoist and its required length.

Our Beaulift range includes:

  • Rota stands
  • Stand aids
  • Ceiling track and gantry hoists
  • Bath Hoists

We also supply an extensive selection of patient transfer slings that are compatible with our range, including toileting, stand aid and universal designs. View our wider selection of patient handling equipment or contact us to learn more about any of our Beaulift hoists.

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  1. Beaulift Heavy Duty
    SKU: HOIST100

    Beaulift® - Various Options

    £1,076.25 Ex VAT £1,291.50 Inc VAT

  2. Beaulift Manual Bath Hoist

    Beaulift® Manual Bath Hoist

    £975.93 Ex VAT £1,171.12 Inc VAT

  3. Beaulift Electric Bath Hoist
    SKU: HOIST15

    Beaulift® Electric Bath Hoist - Accessories options

    From: £35.00 Ex VAT £42.00 Inc VAT

  4. Beaulift® Mini Hoist 150
    SKU: HOIST1006

    Beaulift® Mini Hoist 150

    £866.92 Ex VAT £1,040.30 Inc VAT

  5. Beaulift® Arise Electric Stand Up Hoist
    SKU: HOIST1007

    Beaulift® Arise Electric Stand Up Hoist

    £1,335.52 Ex VAT £1,602.62 Inc VAT

  6. Rota Stand for Patient Handling
    SKU: LOCO-102

    Rota Stand for Patient Handling

    £215.85 Ex VAT £259.02 Inc VAT

  7. Beaulift® Maxi Hoist Extra
    SKU: HOIST1003HD

    Beaulift® Maxi Hoist Extra

    £1,250.00 Ex VAT £1,500.00 Inc VAT

  8. Rota Stand Solo
    SKU: LOCO-311

    Rota Stand Solo

    £234.68 Ex VAT £281.62 Inc VAT

  9. ReTurn 7500 Sit to Stand Transfer Aid
    SKU: LOCO-7500

    ReTurn 7500 Sit to Stand Transfer Aid

    £798.17 Ex VAT £957.80 Inc VAT

    This extremely effective device allows patients in a seating position to move to a standing position very quickly and with little effort. It can be used as a transportation platform as well as a rehabilitation device! 

    Learn More
  10. Rota Stand Compact
    SKU: LOCO-600

    Rota Stand Compact

    £230.70 Ex VAT £276.84 Inc VAT

Items 1 to 10 of 13 total

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