Brilliant Peroxy Destainer - 10 Litres
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Brilliant Peroxy Destainer - 10 Litres

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Concentrated liquid laundry destainer


This concentrated liquid laundry destainer is ideal for use in commercial practices and on laundry premises, it has a powerful hydrogen peroxide base which safely removes stubborn stains from most types of fabrics (except nylon). It eliminates the need for chlorine based bleach and removes staining from fabrics with a low risk of chemical damage over time. For best results this product should ideally be dosed into the main wash cycle at temperatures above 60°C. Caution: Care should be taken with blood stained items, which require an initial sluice wash as contact with peroxide can ‘set’ the stains into the fabric making them difficult to remove.

Manufactured by RP Adam, Arpal Group.

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