Deluxe Shower Commode Chairs

Deluxe Shower Commode Chairs

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This  deluxe shower commode chair features a lightweight, silver painted aluminium frame, which provides a rust free, high strength product.

It is available as an attendant-propelled version including front castors with brakes for security, the swing away detachable footrests offer comfort while being transported and the armrests can be flipped back to facilitate side transfer.  The chair can be used in a shower cubicle or web room, used as a commode or used over a standard toilet bowl.

The front seat is cut-away to facilitate personal hygiene, however a seat insert is provided for comfort during transport. A square bowl is fitted as standard. The detachable back means the shower commode chair is more compact for storage.


Max UW: 123kg / 19.5st
Height: 990mm (40")
Depth without footrests: 550mm (21 3/4")
Depth with footrests: 810mm (31 3/4")
Overall depth: 555mm (22")
Seat Height: 425mm (16 3/4")
Seat Width: 457mm (18")
Seat depth: 425mm (16 3/4")


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