iD Expert Pants - Disposable Incontinence Pants

iD Expert Pants - Disposable Incontinence Pants

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£54.99 £65.99 Inc VAT


The iD Pants range offers an ideal solution for managing moderate to heavy urinary incontinence. Pants can be worn and taken off like any regular underwear. These products combine comfort and discretion due to their elasticated waist and cotton feel back sheet. 

Fast Absorption - The acquisition layer promotes a fast passage of urine through to a multi-layer absorbent core containing SAP (Super Absorbent Polymers). These are designed to absorb and lock urine inside the core of the pad, reducing the risk of rewetting. 

Odour Control  - An odour control system is present in the absorbent core that prevents the formation of ammonia and unpleasant odours. 

Perfect Fit - The shape of the product ensure an anatomical adaptation to the body for maximum comfort and discretion. 

Cotton Feel - A soft textile back sheet provides maximum comfort and discretion

Anti-Leakage Protection - Integrated anti-leak cuffs made from waterproof material help to prevent side leakage, maintaining security and discretion.

Dermatologically Tested - iD products are dermatologically tested and proven to not cause skin irritations

No Latex -  All the products in the iD Pants range are 100% latex free. 

Fitting Guide:

  • Start by folding the iD Pants in half lengthways to activate the anti-leak cuffs. Ensuring the sticker is at the back, step into the iD Pants and pull them up. 
  • Adjust for comfort and security
  • Remove the pants by either pulling them down or tearing the side seams. 
  • Once removed, simply roll-up the pants and dispose of carefully. 

The range of iD Expert Pants vary based on how much they can absorb, the size and the case quantity, please see below.

Product Absorption Size Case Code
Medium Normal 1150ml 80-120cm 14/112 EXP-PMN
Large Normal 1250ml 100-145cm 14/112 EXP-PLN
XSmall Plus 1300ml 50-70cm 14/56 EXP-PXSP
Small Plus 1320ml 60-90cm 14/112 EXP-PSP
Medium Plus 1460ml 80-120cm 14/112 EXP-PMP
Large Plus 1590ml 100-145cm 14/112 EXP-PLP
XLarge Plus 1700ml 130-170cm 14/56 EXP-PXLP
Medium Super 1800ml 80-120cm 14/112 EXP-PMS
Large Super 1950ml 100-145cm 14/112 EXP-PLS

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