Male Incontinence Products

There is a wide range of male incontinence products available to help control this often embarrassing health problem, which is usually only associated with women. However, although it is said that women are more likely to suffer from it, it is commonly found in men too.

The type of incontinence product that you decide to use will depend on your lifestyle and personal preference. And while no one generally likes the idea of using these types of products, they really can make a difference to your life when it comes to both comfort and confidence.

Here are two of the most effective products that can be used;

Abri-San Plus Incontinence Pad Abri-San Plus Incontinence Pad

These pads are designed to keep moisture away from your skin, leaving you feeling both comfortable and dry. And although they are used in a very similar way to sanitary towels, do not confuse the one with the other as wearing sanitary towels for long periods at a time can irritate your skin and will not absorb the large amounts of liquids that an incontinence pad will.

Many incontinence pants have built in pads or pouches to slip pads into which can be changed as often as required. They come in a selection of discreet styles including designs with and without legs. Some have higher absorbency levels than others, so be sure to choose the one that best suits your specific needs. They can address all levels of incontinence from mild leakages to heavier ones, such as full loss of bladder control.

In addition, there are a number of other additional products that can be used including waterproof bedding and full bodied vests as well as chair and bed pads, depending on how severe your problem is.

Another general misconception is that incontinence only happens to older people however, both bladder and bowel control problems can develop at any age.

Fortunately, living with incontinence no longer means that you have to feel uncomfortable. Choose from a wide range of effective male incontinence products from Beaucare Medical. They are an official online distributor of high quality, branded products by some of the UK’s leading manufacturers, so visit their website and browse through their selection now. Their products are available in all sizes as well as at affordable prices.