The Advantages of Pressure Cushions for the Elderly

What are Pressure Ulcers?

According to the NHS, ‘just under half a million people in the UK will develop at least one pressure ulcer in any given year’. Otherwise known as ‘bedsores’ or ‘pressure sores’, pressure ulcers are wounds caused by prolonged pressure. This pressure restricts the blood flow between the skin cells and the bone underneath, causing a sore to appear. The elderly tend to be the most susceptible to pressure ulcers as their movement is restricted, forcing them to stay in the same position for long periods of time. With pressure ulcers proving difficult to treat and ‘aging Britain’ ( set to see a six-fold increase in centenarians over the next 25 years, the need to relieve and prevent pressure ulcers, has never been more important.


How Pressure Cushions can Help Prevent Pressure Ulcers

To help prevent pressure ulcers and relieve other pressure-related pain, Beaucare offer a wide selection of pressure relief products such as pressure relief mattresses and cushions. These pressure relief products work by redistributing weight to other, less vulnerable parts of the body. Available in all shapes and sizes, pressure relief products can replace or enhance an existing cushion.

Pressure relief cushions are particularly popular as they are easy to transport and can be applied to a variety of different seating surfaces. To make the user experience as comfortable as possible, pressure cushions are specially adapted in three main ways:

  1. Waterproof

In case of accidents, the majority of pressure relief cushions are waterproof. This design feature makes pressure relief cushions easy to clean when wet or damaged.

  1. Lightweight

Pressure relief cushions are constructed using lightweight materials to make transporting them easier than ever before. Typically, pressure relief cushions are made from one of the following materials

  1. Comfortable

Pressure relief cushions are made from a number of different materials to cater to a variety of needs. Many manufacturers chose to make pressure relief cushions from memory foam as their heat sensitivity and body-forming qualities make it incredibly comfortable.


The Different Types of Pressure Relief Cushion at Beaucare

Air and Air/Foam Combination Cushions

With the help of an easy-to-use pump system, air and air/foam combination cushions can be inflated to various settings to suit the user’s individual needs.

Do not be put off by the thought of noise, these pressure relief cushions are fitted with a heavy enclosure to ensure the lowest level of noise.

At Beaucare we have several options to choose from, ranging from the ATMO Aura 11 Cushion (combination cushion) to the Repose Air Cushion (air cushion).

Memory Foam Cushions

Memory foam cushions, as well as being one of the most cost-effective pressure relief cushions on the market, are also luxuriously comfortable and supportive.

Our favourite memory foam cushion at Beaucare is the ATMO Morpheus 4 Cushion. Offering relief to those at high risk of developing pressure ulcers, this pressure relief cushion maximises weight distribution for unparalleled comfort.


At Beaucare, your health is our top priority. So, if you are struggling with pressure ulcers, check out our helpful pressure ulcer prevention and management guide or contact us today for more advice.