Beaucare Equipment Servicing

Care Home Equipment Servicing

When you are in the business of care, it is important that to provide your patients with the best service you can that the equipment you have and they use is up to standard. At Beaucare we understand the importance of this and as such we have a dedicated team who handle all forms of Care Home Equipment Servicing whether that is planned preventative maintenance or reactive maintenance should a problem arise.

For the safety of your staff and your patients it is vital that all the equipment used in their care such as beds, hoists, lifts and baths is appropriately inspected and tested in order to make sure that when you come to use it, that it is in a suitable condition for your staff to use and those in your care to be kept safe.

Key Elements of Beaucare Equipment Servicing

There are a number of functions of care home equipment servicing and maintenance, some is proactive and some is repair, but overall it is important to keep your care home equipment in the best possible condition:

– Hoist Servicing And Maintenance – In a care or medical environment; as well as in patients homes as can often be the case, patient hoists are an important tool to help manoeuvre those who require care. Ensuring these are functioning up to appropriate standards is a high priority for the safety and comfort of those who rely on them

– Bed and Mattress Inspection and Testing – Pressure relief products and profiling beds are two of the most important elements that require care home equipment servicing. These are designed to keep patients safe and comfortable; especially those who have a limited ability in terms of movement, so to prevent bedsores and other issues that arise for those who are bed bound.

– LOLER Testing – Lifting Operations Lifting Equipment Regulations these are a specific set of health and safety guidelines involved with the safe use of lifting equipment to ensure that patients and carers are both kept safe when equipment is in use.

Why Care Home Equipment Servicing Is So Vital

If you are responsible for patients; whether it is in a care home environment or in a medical institution, then it is vital to make sure that the equipment your staff and patients come into contact is at the highest possible standard of maintenance. Care Home Equipment Servicing on a regular basis can make sure that your patients are safe and that your staff don’t harm themselves whilst doing their duties.

Beaucare Medical have a team of expert CRB checked individuals who can ensure that all your care home equipment servicing and maintenance needs are met. Having regular care home equipment servicing, means that your equipment will be in the best possible condition, in order to make life easier for your staff and patients and therefore give you peace of mind. Speak to our team today, and see what we can do for you and your business, in order to make sure that everything works in a fashion that is safe and secure. Call Beaucare today on 01423 873666 or email us.