Beaucare Mattress Decontamination Services

Ensuring a high quality of care is our top priority here at Beaucare, so we are pleased to announce that we now offer a Mattress Decontamination service. Our mattress decontamination service is an effective four stage process that puts the safety of patients at the forefront of infection control.

Cross contamination and infection caused by mattresses is a real risk in a medical or care environment. This NHS approved service ensures that patients are kept safe from infection. The four stage process of Beaucare’s mattress decontamination is designed to specifically eliminate the risk of cross contamination.

Mattress Decontamination at Beaucare is a professional, effective and affordable service for your business. Beaucare’s Mattress Decontamination service will allow you to prioritise the safety of your patients and help you to provide the best quality of care. Contact Gemma Johnson on 01423 877896 for further details.