Beaucare Mayhem Madness Offers

Our offers of the month are out now see the May flyer. Within the Mayhem madness we have......

Refresh and renew, contract folding beds ONLY £239 perfect for patient family members or emergency overnight stayers. Spring bedding from as little as £1.32.  Wipe clean pillows and duvets from £2.95.

Aquabathebathing solutions includes the fixed, rise and lower and bariatric bath options.  We can do a home visit and assess your requirements, quoting for your specific needs. Then install, commission and maintain your bath for it's life time.

Beaulift®  patient lifting equipment including the NEW Rota Move JUST £445 during May 2014.  Plus our NEW ReTurn 7500 ONLY £525.

Treatment room essentials, we have our aspirator at JUST £289.75, Nebuliser at £75.97 and nebuiliser mask set as little as £3.95 each.

Our Drug cabinets and Trolleys feature MDS drug dispensing trolley from £489.75, NEW a traditional drug dispensing trolley £765.95, Personal cabinet JUST £42.50 and Clinical reagent £76.75.

A wide range of House keeping trolleys from our Single Linen trolley at £49.95 with a FREE linen bag, Clean and Soiled Linen trolley ONLY £195.75, or Multi coloured triple linen trolley £89.95 or our complete House Keeping system at £435.75.

For further details call our sales team on 01423 873666.