Bedi Shield - Protective Oral Care Device

Easy to use care device helps Medical Professionals, Carers and care residents

As we age we are more likely to need support with our oral hygiene. For individuals with cognitive impairment caused by conditions like dementia, such health concerns seriously impact the state of their oral health and their reaction to receiving care; however it is critical that their mouth care is not overlooked. 

Making good healthcare accessible to everyone, regardless of age, illness or disability is the inspiration behind the Bedishield, a simple new oral healthcare device, designed as a useful ‘mouth prop’, suitable for everyone from the elderly, those with disabilities, dementia, palliative care and stroke sufferers, through to young children with challenging behaviour.

Caregivers and health professionals can use this device to assist those who find it difficult to keep their mouths open for processes like brushing; mouth swaps for dry mouth, or simple dental checks and treatments.

This can be a barrier to essential oral healthcare, particularly among elderly clients, or younger patients, both of whom are groups whose special oral healthcare needs may be insufficiently catered for.

bedi shield box

Bedi OralCare (, founded by the former Chief Dental Officer of England, Raman Bedi, is behind the BediShield. The Bedi Shield keeps the mouth open safely and comfortably. By simplifying the basics of examination and treatment the BediShield not only dignifies the process for the care giver and recipient, it also helps streamline the process, making dental care more efficient, allowing better care for all clients.

Bedi Shield Testimonial - Dr Daniel Nightingale

'This is an awesome piece of kit. It is a basic process whereby the caregiver can easily clean the teeth of people living with dementia at any stage. It is safe. It is effective. Some people were hesitant at first. However, once they got used to it, and once they felt the benefit of having clean teeth and a clean mouth, they accepted it without hesitation. As a Clinical Dementia Specialists I will be recommending it to my patients.'

Dr Daniel J Nightingale, Clinical Dementia Specialist


Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Dementia Doctor (UK)

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Dementia Care Plus and Dementia Therapy Specialists (US)

How to use Bedi Shield

1) Place the finger into the Bedi Shield, using the finger with the best fit. This finger is kept in the Bedi Shield throughout the cleaning or inspection of the mouth. It is often easier for the carer to stand behind the patient.

2) The Bedi Shield is inserted into one side of the patient’s mouth, resting comfortably between their teeth. The Bedi Shield is designed to keep the mouth open while the carer or health professional inspects the mouth and cleans the teeth and gums. Once finished with one side, repeat the process on the other side of the mouth.

bedi shield instructions