Changes To CLP Legislation For Chemicals

What Is CLP Legislation For Chemicals?

In many sectors, chemicals are an important part of day to day operations. The care, medical and catering sectors all require a various range of chemicals in order to keep things clean and hygienic, therefore preventing the possibility of infections spreading. With this in mind, then it is important to make sure legislation is in place to make sure that these are used safely and appropriately.

CLP Legislation (classification, labeling and packaging) came into force in January 2009 and updated legislation will be in place from June 1st 2015 and is designed to promote the safe supply and use of chemicals within the EU.

Key Changes To CLP Legislation For Chemicals

There are a number of radical Key Changes To CLP Legislation For Chemicals and it is important that end users of these products are aware of these, in order to ensure the safe use within a business. These include:

  • New warning symbols for chemicals. These new pictograms are designed to be clearer and more informative
  • Each warning symbol now represents a category of riskclp symbols
  • Labels will now use new signal words – Danger/warning will be on chemical labels and packaging classed as hazardous to raise awareness of the risks.
  • Risk and safety phrases reviewed in order to more clearly inform the end user. These are now called hazard statements and precautionary statements – designed to highlight risks of chemical handling
  • The risk chemicals pose to people’s eyes and skin are highlighted more clearly – the thresholds that trigger hazard warning symbols have been lowered for chemicals that could potentially cause adverse effects. Therefore corrosion symbols will appear on more products due to the stringent levels of hazard control
  • This means safety data sheets will be updated accordingly
  • This also means that new risk assessments must take place as products now have different classifications under new rules. Risk assessment is now task based – meaning each chemical is assessed for a method and area of use.
  • Warning symbols will represent a group of hazards meaning users should read the labels to identify the exact nature of the hazard when using the chemical.

This new CLP Legislation For Chemicals comes into play at the beginning of June. If you require more advice about what the regulations are, then the HSE website will give you some more information and advice.

At Beaucare, the chemicals that we will be supplying, whether they are for catering, cleaning or the medical and care sector will all be coming in line with these measures, meaning that as an end user, the important thing to focus on, is making sure you have your in-house procedures and assessments are up to scratch.