Cleaning Up After Flood Water Damage

Products to help with Flood Water Damage Clean Up

Beaucare are a business based in the heart of the Yorkshire countryside, and as such we have first hand experience of the damage that flooding can cause to homes and businesses in the local area. Therefore we understand the importance of having the right products to help with Cleaning Up After Flood Water Damage.

With the number of businesses and homes effected by flooding increasing year on year it is important to have an idea of the essentials that you need to make sure that you can clean up and restore your premises into a hygienic state that is fit for purpose again.

Some of the tips that we suggest when it comes to Cleaning Up After Flood Water Damage include:

  • Contact your insurance provider immediately – there may well be long delays in terms of calling them, but it is important to ensure that your damage has been documented.
  • Once the flood waters have begun to subside, then ensure that you act quickly. The sooner that you use cleaning products on the surfaces affected by flooding, the less likely you are to have to endure the issues of mildew and odours from the water. Hard surfaces such as floors and walls will need different products to carpets and wooden furniture such as kitchen furniture or desks.flood-damage-clean-up
  • Remove all the dirt and debris left behind by the waters, these will potentially be contaminated by the waters and leave unwanted foreign bodies on the premises after the water has subsided.
  • Ensure that you have high quality cleaning products such as a good quality strong bleach and make sure that you go about the area thoroughly and methodically using a brush and mop that you wouldn’t use for other tasks.
  • Make sure that you have the right protective equipment for handling cleaning chemicals, as certain hygiene products although good for making an area clean and hygienic can be bad for your body – avoid contact with skin and clothes as well as your eyes. This also goes for any debris left after flooding
  • Make sure that electricity and gas are turned off – do not use any appliances that may have been submerged.
  • Use a dehumidifier or a portable indoor heater(ensure if you use one of these then it is in a well ventilated area) to dry out the premises
  • If you live in an area known to suffer from flooding, then an emergency flood pump kit would make an ideal investment. This will provide you with the starting point to get water away from the premises quickly and effectively.

Beaucare Medical have a friendly and expert team that will ensure that Cleaning Up After Flood Water Damage is made as easy as possible by providing the right cleaning products and personal protection equipment to keep you safe and get your home or business back to normal sooner rather than later. Call us today on 01423 873666 or email us for more help or information. There is also more information on flood clean up from the government here.