Dementia Awareness Week 15-21 May 2016

What Is Dementia?

Dementia, is a condition that involves a person losing their cognitive abilities. However this is not the same as the normal levels of cognitive deterioration that are a part of the aging process. Sometimes dementia can have a progressive effect due to disease or damage; however it can also stay the same if the sufferer has had an injury to their brain.

Most cases of Dementia present in older people, however it can happen prior to aging and this is known as early onset dementia. The sooner that it is discovered in a person, the sooner measures can be put in place to help families and the person themselves prepare to cope with dementia.

It is typically spotted with the following symptoms:

-          Memory loss

-          Problems with thinking

-          Problems with speech and language

-          Problems with problem solving

What Is Dementia Awareness Week?

Dementia Awareness Week, is a great way to help raise awareness and promote knowledge and understanding of what dementia is, and what can be done to help those that have the condition. The Alzheimer’s society is one of the key drivers in raising awareness of the condition as well as supporting those who suffer and their families.

Dementia Awareness Week is an opportunity to raise the profile of the condition in the public eye, as well as encouraging great fund raising events to raise fund for dementia chairities.

What Can Be Done To Help Those With Dementia?

In terms of caring for a dementia patient, whether it is at home or in a care home environment, some dementia aids that can help with the care of a patient with dementia and help them have an independent dignified lifestyle can include:

-          Dementia Furniture – this is a range of furniture designed with the patients safety in mind and can allow for them to have some independence safe in the knowledge that they will be at a lower risk from injury due to rounded corners and so on.

-          Memory box – these are specific boxes that can be used to put important mementos in that have significance on the patient’s life. These help them to remember things but also serve as a cue for those caring with the patient to help conversation and encourage the patient to interact more.

-          Toileting aids – in order to help dementia sufferers go about their lives with more dignity and some independence, providing toileting aids can help patients do the things they always would have done previously, as they are often brightly coloured so as to help produce a trigger.

-          Incontinence Products – although not always related, dementia can have a side effect of incontinence. Providing incontinence products can means that those in your care can go about their day to day business without  worrying about leakage.

Dementia is a distressing condition for those that suffer from it and their families. Keeping up to date with the latest information as well as trying to help and support those in your care maintain dignity and independence is the best thing that can be done.

If you feel that you need some dementia aids that will help those in your care to cope wit the condition, then contact us at Beaucare for friendly knowledgeable advice from staff who will be empathetic to your needs, call us on 01423 873666.