Gardening for the Elderly: Staying Safe and Keeping Mobile

As summer approaches, we all start itching to get out in the garden. For those young gardeners amongst us, enjoying the outdoors is easy. Unfortunately, not every green-fingered enthusiast can enjoy their garden as effortlessly. To help the elderly get out, get some fresh air and get gardening, we have put together a gardening for the elderly guide.


Why is it Important for Elderly People to Get Out into the Garden?

Older people can benefit greatly from spending some time in the garden because it:

  • Promotes relaxation
  • Helps to relieve daily stress
  • Improves mobility and flexibility
  • Stimulates interest in nature and the outdoors
  • Is enjoyable and rewarding!

Tips for a Safer Garden

  1. Clear away clutter.

Whether it’s an overgrown root, an unravelled hosepipe or gardening tools left lying about, a garden which doubles up as an obstacle course is no fun for anyone. To avoid any unnecessary trips and falls, it’s a good idea to de-clutter the garden.

  1. Fit grab rails.

It’s one thing being out in the garden, but another thing altogether to be able to walk around and truly enjoy it. To help the elderly safely manoeuvre themselves into, out of and around their garden, Beaucare offer grab rails for the elderly. These grab rails are truly customisable, allowing users to set them at whatever angle and height they choose.

  1. Make sure the ground is sound.

If the ground in the garden is uneven or broken, it’s only a matter of time until the inevitable happens and someone falls over. To overcome this issue and keep everyone safe, look out for any broken path slabs or damaged pieces of decking and get them repaired.

  1. Invest in some proper footwear.

When pottering around the garden, it’s important to wear the correct footwear to avoid accidents. To get the best grip, elderly gardeners should consider investing in some non-slip shoes. Not sure what to look for? Check out this article on the 11 best gardening shoes for some inspiration.

  1. Light it up.

As we age and our eyesight slowly begins to diminish, it becomes increasingly hard to notice potential hazards around the garden. This issue only amplifies when the sun begins to set and the garden becomes enveloped in darkness. To increase visibility around the garden, consider getting some outdoor lights. From solar powered tea lights to wall-mounted lanterns, there is an outdoor light to suit everyone’s tastes.

  1. Bring your garden to waist level.

Arthritis is a common condition which affects around 10 million people in the UK alone. Although arthritis can strike at any time, it is more prevalent among the elderly. Elderly people who suffer from arthritis can struggle to bend and twist in the way that they used to. To prevent aggravating any aches or pains, think about raising the flower beds in the garden to waist level. When at a more manageable level, budding elderly gardeners can easily tend to their plants without bending or straining themselves.

How can Beaucare Help?

At Beaucare, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest level of care. With products designed to help people in all walks of life and a friendly team of experienced staff to hand, we can provide you with the knowledge and products you need to live a happy and care-free life.