GOJO® – The Market Leader In Skin Health

GOJO® hand soaps are part of the Purell® family, they are a key part of skin health and hand hygiene. Hand hygiene is vital in a range of industries, as it is important to prevent contamination and spread of infection – key examples of this are the catering industry and in health and care sectors as well.

What Is Hand Hygiene?

Hand hygiene is the process of making sure that your hands are clean and germ free. This is a core part of infection control as the hands are a point of contact between two people and a breeding ground for bacteria and infection to grow. This can go from using soaps, to using anti microbial – often alcohol based – gel rubs; alongside these methods use of gloves is a wise move, especially disposable gloves.

What GOJO® and Purell® Hand Hygiene Products Are Available?

Some of the GOJO® and Purell® Hand Hygiene Products available include:

  • Hand rub – alcohol hand rub gel is a vital investment in maintaining good levels of hand hygiene. Whether you are in catering or care, it is important to keep your hands clean and bacteria free. Hand rub gel is ideal for this, as it means that you can quickly sanitise and move on to another task. GOJO® and Purell® hand sanitiser is highly recommended as a market leading product which will keep your hands free from contamination whatever the situation
  • Liquid Soap – liquid soap is an important part of skin health and hygiene. GOJO® and Purell® liquid soaps are high quality and great for use in medical, care or catering environments, as well as in bathrooms of a range of businesses, to ensure that your staff and customers have clean healthy hands.
  • Cartridge soap - in areas where a lot of hand hygiene is required, then a high quality cartridge soap refill system is required. These are the best way to handle the requirements of a lot of hand washing, keeping your staff and customers protected and cutting any risk of cross contamination.

Why Hand Hygiene Is Important

Hand hygiene is a core part of ensuring that standards are maintained in care homes and hospitals. Having the right hand hygiene products available to staff and visitors is a key factor of ensuring that infection control is properly in place.

Hand hygiene products needs to be powerful and effective, as the types of professional that are at the biggest risk of passing infections.

Alongside using high quality hand hygiene products from GOJO® and Purell®, making sure that you use high quality gloves when handling substances that may cause damage to your skin health or contamination of other products is a wise move.

Alongside this ensure that you and your staff have a cleaning routine in place for hand hygiene; some people are unaware of the best way to wash their hands in a way that eliminates risks to them and those that they are caring for or catering for. Therefore it is prudent to keep them up to date with health and safety practises in the workplace.

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