How to Deal With Incontinence

Incontinence is not a topic that is widely discussed and is often very embarrassing for the person suffering from it. This is despite the fact that it is actually a very common problem with millions of people affected by it around the world every day.

Incontinence can be managed by using various disposable and reusable incontinence products that can help you feel more comfortable and dry whether you are at home or out and about. Here are some of the various products available;

  • Incontinence Pads– These pads come in different variations with some targeted at light to medium incontinence, while others are better at absorbing larger amounts of urine or faeces. All options are available in packs of up to 240 pads, depending on the specific type you choose.
    Y Front Incontinence Pants
  • Incontinence Pants– These pants have washable and reusable pads built into them, all of which come in a wide range of sizes with different absorption levels.
  • Mattress Covers – High quality covers are available to offer you maximum protection and minimum discomfort when you are in bed. The fabrics used are breathable to help combat sweating and keep you as dry as possible.
  • Waterproof Bedding– Waterproof pillow protectors, draw-sheets, mattress covers and duvets are lightweight as well as vapour permeable and hypo-allergenic. Together these products will all work together to keep discomfort to a minimum while you are in bed. They are also easy to wipe and will reduce the constant need to launder.
    All In One Vest
  • Bed Pads and Underpad Sheets – Bed pads are highly absorbent and washable while underpad sheets offer a disposable option. Both are simple and effective to use.
  • Chair and Floor Pads – Chair pads have a dry to touch top layer for ultimate comfort and dryness as well as to help reduce skin irritation and infection. Floor pads can be placed on the floor to protect it from any unwanted spillages.
  • All in one Vests – These vests are available with or without sleeves and are madeout of soft elastic cotton with a press button opening. They also come in options with or without legs which are especially idea for individuals who prefer to remove their pads.

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