How to Manage Incontinence

There are a wide range of incontinence products available on the market that can be used to manage incontinence. One of the most popular and widely used products is incontinence pads.

There are a number of different types of pads available to choose from, with some being more absorbent than others. Here are some of the different options available when it comes to incontinence pads;

  • Lille Pads – These pads should be worn together with net support pants and are quite large in size to enable them to hold large amounts of urine and faeces. The Lille Supreme Forms are available absorbency level of 1 140ml to 2 700ml.
  • Lille Supreme Light Pads – These are smaller pads that are better suited to more active people who only suffer from light incontinence. They are all individually wrapped and are available in absorbency’s of 200ml to 1030ml.
  • Abri-San – These are another brand of pads that come in absorbency’s of 225ml to 3100ml. They can be used for severe and light incontinence during the day and night.

There are also a wide range of other female and male incontinence products on hand to help you manage your problem. Lille Supreme has a number of diapers that can be worn to control heavy urinal and faecal incontinence. Abri-San also have a variety of adult diapers available including a range specifically designed to assist individuals in toileting and rehabilitation programmes.

Abri Net Pants

For lighter leakages Y Front Pants and Waist High Pants have built-in pads with lighter absorbency levels. Abri Net Pants can also be worn by those who suffer from light incontinence. Most of these products are not much heavier than normal undergarments and will offer a discrete and secure solution.

When it comes to protecting your bedding, waterproof duvets, pillow protectors and covers can all be used to keep your bed dry and comfortable at all times. Furthermore, it will help prevent sweating as many of the fabrics used enhance breathability. Pads can also be placed on your bed, chairs and floor to protect against any unwanted spillages.

These incontinence pads and other products are all available online from Beaucare Medical. They are an official distributor of products by some of the UK’s leading manufacturers including Abena and Lille. All of their incontinence aids are of high quality and affordable prices and their range also extends to bins and refill cassettes. For more information visit their website today.