Making A Care Home Feel More Welcoming

The Importance Of Great Furniture For Care

As the population is slowly aging, then it is inevitable that a lot of people will require the services and care of a care home. The furniture that you have to offer is an important way of ensuring that those in your care are comfortable in their environment.

The notion of furniture for care covers a variety of areas, from bathing to sleeping and the furniture that those you care for will spend the most time on such as comfortable hardwearing chairs. The level of the care and facilities to keep your patients occupied stimulated and healthy can be top of the range, but the whole experience also requires the right furniture for care.

Some of the options that you need to consider when choosing your furniture for care homes, include:

  • Beds – care beds are one of the key elements of the care experience you need to get right. Different patients have different needs, and in order to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep (as well as one that is safe for the patient); then you need to assess the requirements. A profiling bed and pressure relieving mattress combination can often be necessary for those who have just had surgery, or find moving difficult. Otherwise it is important to factor in the comfort of your patients.
  • Bathing – bathing is an important factor for many people. Having the right kind of bath or equipment to help those in your care wash or get in the bath is an important consideration. Some baths allow the bather to be lowered in, or access from the sides, and failing that then a bath lift or hoist is a good investment. There are plenty of bathing options that will allow both carer and patient to have a safe, comfortable and dignified experience.
  • Seating – a lot of your patients will spend time sat in the communal areas of your care home. Therefore it is important to have seating that is comfortable and easy for them to get up from and down into. Rise and recliner chairs help those you are caring for go about their them in your care home more freely as they help them to get up unassisted, meaning that they get a more dignified stay.
  • Tables and Chairs – meal times are an important consideration for those running a care home. Depending on the needs of those in your care, then there are a variety of options to suit your patients. Having more rounded furniture will keep those with special conditions safer.

When it comes to choosing the right furniture, then you need to assess the needs of those that you are looking after. If you assess the kind of clientele that you will be taking on then you can base your choices of furniture for care around this.