The Importance Of Mattress Decontamination

Mattress Decontamination At Beaucare

In a care or medical environment then one thing that can be a cause of infection or cross contamination is a mattress. If you have a patient that is bed ridden or struggles to move freely then things such as pressure sores can be an issue. Should this occur, then it is important to make sure that the mattress is kept clean and infection free.

We are pleased to announce that we now offer Mattress Decontamination At Beaucare, in order to ensure that your patients and staff are kept safe from infection. Our mattress decontamination service is effective and puts the safety of your patients at the forefront of infection control, this service is NHS approved.

What Does Mattress Decontamination At Beaucare Involve?

Mattress Decontamination At Beaucare is a four stage process designed to eliminate any risks of cross contamination and to keep those in your care safe. The four stages are:

  1. Collection – call our service team and book in for collection. We will send out a ‘decon kit’ to allow you to package up your mattress(es) ready for collection by one of our vans
  2. Decontamination – our specialist team will get to work using an NHS approved decontamination process which involves rigorous cleaning of both the inside and outside of your mattress.
  3. Testing – when we are satisfied that your mattress has been decontaminated to the highest possible standards, then our team of experts will undertake stringent testing to make sure that your mattress is safe for use by your patients
  4. Drop Off – once this has all been collected then one of our dedicated van drivers will return your mattress ready for use immediately and with a decontamination certificate.


Why is Mattress Decontamination At Beaucare so important?

It is important for your business, for your staff and for your patients to eliminate the risk of cross contamination and infection at every possible opportunity. Therefore, mattress decontamination is an important investment to keep your business operating at the best possible level.

Mattress Decontamination At Beaucare is a professional, reliable and affordable service for your business and will allow you to make sure that your patients are safe, therefore giving their families the peace of mind they want. Call our service team on 01423