Sleep Well This National Bed Month

National Bed Month

Organised by The Sleep Council, National bed month is intended to promote the importance of a good night’s sleep which is essential to maintaining good health. A number of carehome residents spend a lot of time in bed so it is crucial that they have a supportive bed and a comfortable mattress to suit their individual requirements. Elderly individuals require a combination of firm core support and comfort however, a number of residents may have complex health conditions or be at risk of pressure ulcers, in which case they may require a profiling bed or an alternating pressure mattress. Electric profiling beds are designed to cater for those suffering from a wide range of conditions and offer both comfort and support during sleep and whilst individuals are sat in bed throughout the day. Profiling beds with adjustable head, leg and foot rests are ideal for residents who may be bedbound or even those who suffer from rheumatism or high blood pressure.

All ProBed® profiling beds are CE certified and feature 4-section mattress support, wooden head and foot board ends, side rails as standard. Some other features include detachable side rails, lockable castors and remote handset controls, as well as Trendelenburg, Anti-Trendelenburg, back and leg elevation. ProBed® nursing beds are designed and manufactured with both the user and the carer in mind, whilst offering excellent value, now available with up to 3 years warranty.

In 2013 there were over 50,000 cases of injury caused by patients falling out of nursing beds, this shows how essential it is that care beds are secure and are supplied with the sufficient bedside rails and bumpers. Bumpers provide safety and comfort by helping to prevent falls and entanglement which can occur when residents try to get out of bed or when repositioning during sleep. Beaucare stock a range of bedside rails and bumpers including these anti-entrapment extra high full length bumpers with mesh inserts which allow for improved air circulation.

Residents will also require a soft yet firm sleeping surface designed to suit their needs. The ATmo® Pressure Relief Mattress range provides a selection of mattresses such as modular foam, memory foam and alternating cell and pump systems. Foam mattresses, such as the ATmo® Morpheus 4 High Risk Pressure Mattress, can be an ideal choice for some residents as they are non-allergenic and do not need to be turned over. A mattress overlay, such as the ATmo® Apollo 2 Overlay Pressure Relief Mattress, can also be used in order to improve circulation and help in the prevention of pressure ulcers.

When residents spend a lot of time in bed they may benefit from the use of an Overbed Table, which is specially designed for use with beds and chairs in a variety of care environments. Suited for use by bed bound residents, overbed tables provide a convenient space for eating, reading and other activities without having to risk pain or injury by moving. This Overbed Table is open toed and height adjustable for easy positioning and access. Beaucare Medical have a range of care bed accessories, that can be used alongside specialist beds, in order to make residents more comfortable whilst also helping to make care provision simpler.

The versatile ProBed® care bed range and dynamic ATmo® pressure relief range ensure that residents are comfortable and well rested. Our expert sales team are available to advise you on the best profiling bed to suit the individuals requirements and the most appropriate mattress to accompany it. Contact Beaucare® Medical today for honest advice regarding any product requirements. Email us at or call us on 01423 873666.

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