Staying Active Outside Using Walking Aids

Getting some fresh air and exercise outdoors is good for the body and soul, and it’s an activity that can be enjoyed by all ages.

While our bodies might slow a little and become more fatigued as we get older, it’s important to squeeze in a spot of light exercise every day. Being a low impact activity, walking is the perfect pursuit and will bring plenty of rewards.

But if you need a helping hand getting out and about, we’ve rounded up some great walking aids you can use so you don’t have to miss out on enjoying that glorious outdoor air.

Walking sticks

Walking Stick For Staying Active Outside

If you’re able to walk unassisted but perhaps feel slightly unsteady on your feet from time to time, or you feel like one side is a little weaker than the other, you might benefit from using a walking stick to give you a bit more security and confidence when you’re out and about.

There are various walking sticks you can use, from traditional wooden sticks to adjustable walking sticks, which can be adjusted according to height, and which are lightweight and often foldable, making them easy to carry around if you’re heading off on a trip for the day.


Rollator For Staying Active Outside

Featuring four wheels and handled mounted brakes, rollators offer a greater level of support than a walking stick, making this the perfect option if you need help with your stability.

The wheels make it easy for you to move around, even on trickier surfaces, and many models come with a fitted seat so you can easily take a break if and when you become tired. Have a look at our range of rollators to find the right one to suit your needs.

Walking frames

Walking Frame for Staying Active Outside

Unlike rollators, walking frames require you to lift the walker off the ground as you go, which can be a bit more tricky if you’re not too firm on your feet. It also requires a bit of added strength to move the frame forwards, so these are perhaps best suited for travelling shorter distances.

But a walking frame does offer much more support as the four legs surrounding you allows you to fully bear your weight, making it a very safe option for slow, steady walking.

Most models are made of lightweight anodised aluminium, so they are easy to move around, while others come with adjustable heights to ensure it fits perfectly to your needs.

Wheeled walkers

Wheeled Walker for Staying Active Outside

Similarly to rollators, wheeled walkers are a great option for ease of movement and stable support, but these come with just three wheels.

While tri walkers still offer you that sturdiness, they are typically lighter in weight and are much easier to manoeuvre than a four wheeled roller. These models feature adjustable height handles, ergonomic comfortable hand grips, lockable breaks and they are easy to fold up to be stored away when they’re not in use.

Take a look through our selection of walking aids to find a product which is right for you and enjoy staying mobile for longer.