Understanding Important Changes to The Care Act

The care act of 2014 (http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2014/23/contents/enacted) is an important piece of legislation – as these are the first changes to the law regarding social care in over 60 years. These changes simplify the existing laws, meaning that people now know what care they can expect.

One of the main changes is that has come about with these reforms to the care act, is that limits are in place as to how much people will have to pay for their care. The well being of people is one of the core principles of the reformed care act.

It is now the duty of a council to take into consideration the physical, mental and emotional well being of those in their care. Councils are also now duty bound to provide a penetrative service that keeps those in their care healthy in the first place in order to prevent illness and conditions that can lead to people becoming unhealthy. The care system will be focused on the individual needs of a person allowing them to get the care that they want and need. Personal budgets are a part of this, allowing people the power to decide how they wish to be cared for.

Under the care act 2014 councils will have a new duty to provide better information in terms of the quality of care. This will help people to make more informed decisions about where they want their care to be provided. Alongside this, there will be more accessible information about care for those who have learning disabilities.

Alongside this, councils will also have to give access to independent financial advice to help steer them through the complex nature of funding for care. This needs to be accessible to everyone therefore it can’t just be an information source that is purely online based

Carers will be given new rights in order to support them when caring for those people they look after. Furthermore, those establishments that offer poor care will face tougher measures and sanctions in order to improve standards. However this is only relevant when the care has been arranged and supported by the council, not for those paying for their own care.

New provisions will help to prevent closures of well run hospitals in areas where the NHS is under performing. Initially ministers wanted the power to close these hospitals but these measures give an element of protection

These reforms to the care act have been made, because everyone will experience the health and care system in one way or another throughout their life. Therefore it is important to make sure that the system is capable of dealing with the modern demands of an aging society. These reformed laws in the care act mean that all care laws are in one place and easier to understand, whether you are the carer or the person being cared for.

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