Introcan Safty W/Iv Cannula 24G 19Mm -50 per pack

Introcan Safty W/Iv Cannula 24G 19Mm -50 per pack

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Introcan Safety® Shielded IV catheter without injection port.

  • Passive fully automatic protection against needlestick injuries and related infections.
  • IV catheter material; available in Polyurethane (PUR) and FEP.
  • Ergonomic product design for one handed insertion
  • Sharp universal bevel for wide choice in insertion angles and minimal puncture trauma
  • Double Flashback Technology provides confirmation of successful catheter placement through quick visualization of both needle and flashback
  • Latex free/PVC free/DEHP free
  • Acc. ISO-Standard 10.555-1/5
  • Properties:
  • Fully automatic passive Safety Shield to protect needle tip to prevent needlestick injuries. No user activation required – no buttons, twists or clicks
  • Safety shield automatically covers the needle tip upon needle withdrawal
  • Safety mechanism cannot be bypassed
  • Eliminates risk of inadvertent activation
  • Safety Shield stays in place through disposal.

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