Laundry Dosing Unit - Smart OPL 3 Pump

Laundry Dosing Unit - Smart OPL 3 Pump

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The new Smart OPL chemical dosing system is ideal for on premise laundry applications and is designed to work with intelligent and non-intelligent washing machines up to 35kg. The Smart OPL can be used in Formula Select, Chemical Enable or Relay Mode and is available in 2, 3 and 4 pump versions. We install this for you at your site.


Seko has developed the Smart OPL with the engineer and end user in mind; the remote controller provides a 2 line, 16 character display with clear instructions and an easy to follow set up menu. Programming via the remote controller means its no longer necessary to climb over laundry machines to adjust or access data.

The Smart OPL utilises a three roller peristaltic pump together with proven T50 EPDM or Silicone thick wall pump tubing to ensure a consistent flow rate and longer tube life. Security

Programming of the Smart OPL is protected by numeric passwords, which restricts accessibility and provides enhanced security.

Price includes installation.


100-240 vac

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