Powdered Gloves

As one of the most popular medical consumables we offer, powder gloves play an understated yet incredibly vital role in both the medical and catering professions. As a crucial part of maintaining food safety and hygiene standards, and adhering to food safety hygiene regulations, powdered gloves are used daily in all areas of the kitchen and within any form of professional food preparation. Likewise, due to the highly sensitive and significant nature of the practices at hand, powder gloves also feature copiously in the medical realm.

Powdered gloves have many benefits, most predominantly being their ease of use due to the powdering, which makes the gloves easy to put on. They are also ambidextrous, with each glove fitting both hands. See our full range of powdered disposable vinyl gloves below, where you’ll find the highest quality products suited to both catering and medical needs, respectively.

As powdered disposable vinyl gloves are primarily used for lighter protection, if you’re after something a bit more heavy duty, or of a different nature, please see our full selection of disposable gloves. As well as vinyl, we stock a variety of other glove materials, including numerous options for latex and nitrile, both powdered and powder-free, and with numerous sizes available.

For more info on which type of glove would be best for you, or to answer any additional questions you may have, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

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