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Disposable incontinence sheets abena

Disposable Underpad Sheets

Disposable incontinence sheets and disposable underpads provide a hygienic and discreet solution for protecting your mattress against the effects of incontinence. Our incontinence sheets are comfortable and secure, featuring an absorbent, skin-friendly material with anti-leakage properties. They are also available in a variety of different sizes to fit your bed as neatly as possible, and consequently provide maximum protection.

As we distribute only the leading manufacturers of incontinence sheets and disposable underpads, all of our disposable absorbent bed sheets are of the highest quality, and available at extremely competitive prices. Browse our selection online today, available as part of our extensive range of incontinence products. Whilst disposable underpads and incontinence sheets boast several benefits, including hygiene and adaptability, if a more permanent incontinence solution would better suit your care needs, we also offer a great selection of reusable incontinence products. These include reusable underpad sheets and incontinence bed pads, amongst other useful items.

Incontinence can be caused by a wide range of stimuli, meaning that the condition consequently affects people in highly diverse ways and to a spectrum of extremes. This extensive variety is then amplified even further when taking into account a patients’ gender, which helps dictate the condition’s severity and the side-effects endured. Here at Beaucare, we appreciate that constructing the best incontinence care for your patients can therefore be a rather challenging task. If you would like to discuss your patients’ incontinence needs further, and ensure that you find the right solution for your specific care, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. We are leaders in the care sector, and would be happy to offer any impartial advice you require so that you’re able to fulfil your care duties as effectively as possible.

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Anov Bed Underpad 60x90 4x30=120 Items Per Case
SKU: 14034026

AMD Anov Bed Underpad 60x90 4 x 30 = 120 Items Per Case

£34.03 Ex VAT £40.84 Inc VAT
Fluff Underpad Sheet 57 x 57cm 100 per case

Fluff Underpad Sheet 57 x 57cm 100 per case

Regular Price: £23.94

Special Price £16.95 Ex VAT £20.34 Inc VAT

Fluff Underpad Sheet 60x90cm 100 per case

Fluff Underpad Sheet 60 x 90cm 100 per case

£27.76 Ex VAT £33.31 Inc VAT
Fluff Underpad Incontinence Sheet 70x180cm

Fluff Underpad Incontinence Sheet 70 x 180cm - 60 per pack

£31.77 Ex VAT £38.12 Inc VAT

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