Disposable Face Masks

At beaucare we supply a wide range of products that are designed to be safe, hygeinic forms of germ control in the care and medical professions. Our disopsable Face Masks play a major part in controlling the spread of germs and bacteria. All our disposable face masks are designed to comfortably fit any face type and can be worn by both carers and patients. 

Our disposable face masks are designed to keep you and your staff protected and are signal use for hygiene purposes. These products can be disposed of immediately or used again should you wish.

For more information about face masks and disposable face masks, then call one of our expert sales team on 01423 873666

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Heavy Duty Rubber Gloves- various colours

Heavy Duty Rubber Gloves - Various Sizes

£0.98 Ex VAT £1.18 Inc VAT
Protective Safety Goggles

Protective Safety Goggles

£2.01 Ex VAT £2.41 Inc VAT
Soft Non-Woven Beard Mask

Soft Non-Woven Beard Mask (100 per pack)

£2.94 Ex VAT £3.53 Inc VAT
Disposable Eye protect Assembled Glasses- 50 per pack

Disposable Eye protect Assembled Glasses - 50 per pack

£35.54 Ex VAT £42.65 Inc VAT

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