Non Slip mats - Various Options

Non Slip mats - Various Options

From: £8.14 Ex VAT £9.77 Inc VAT

This simple yet extremely effective product will stop any household utensils from slipping across a surface.

This is perfect for help when eating, a lot of patients may struggle with motor skills and therefore find the plate slipping around when trying to eat. This will counter that problem perfectly. 

Can be used as a storage place for items such as keys or glasses. People with visual impairments will see the bright colour of the mat and find the item on top of it. 


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From: £8.14 Ex VAT £9.77 Inc VAT


Non slip Mats are ideal for anyone with difficulty gripping or with mobility problems. The Dycem material provides a secure surface that anchors items like games or note pads to tables and prevents cups from slipping off trays or tables. They are available in a range of sizes and colours.

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