Oasis Rinse Free Shampoo Cap Individual

Oasis Rinse Free Shampoo Cap Individual

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This fantastic shower cap will enable patients to wash their without moving and without using any water.


This innovative shampoo shower cap is designed especially for residential and care environments. The hair washing process is simplified beyond recognition!

Simply warm up the cap in the microwave for 20 seconds, this will enable it to stretch over a whole head of hair. Once applied the cap will release a conditioning shampoo which is then massaged into the hair and the scalp. After a few minutes this conditioner will then get re-absorbed into the cap along with any dirt or grease. This will leave the hair feeling washed and refreshed when the cap is removed. No extra rinsing or washing is required, simply remove the cap and the job is done! A perfect solution for any patients who struggle with mobility or feel pain when washing. The cap can be disposed off after use without the need for any washing. Alcohol free and dermatologically tested.  One size fits all.

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