Opticlar VisionMed P3 - Otoscope and accessories
SKU: AW851200

Opticlar VisionMed P3 - Otoscope and accessories

From: £10.82 Ex VAT £12.98 Inc VAT

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From: £10.82 Ex VAT £12.98 Inc VAT


  • Most efficient and appropriate LEDs significantly
    increase battery life: AA cells - in excess of 100
  • Reduces the cost of disposal of batteries
    Bulb Life & Performance
  • Working life in excess of 10,000 hours
  • Fantastic 5 year warranty
  • Retain performance throughout lifetime
  • Engineered to provide the optimum level of
  • Ensures superb levels of colour rendering
  • Heat management system guarantees
    instruments remain cool and maintains
  • Excellent illumination for increased clarity and diagnostic ability average
    bulb lift greater than 10,000 hrs
  • Superior quality slimline handles - comfortable and non slip
  • Double ended design aids battery removal
  • Long life switch tested for thousands of cycles
  • Convenient integral pocket clip
  • AA batteries with operating life in excess of 100 hours continuous usev
  • Designed for LED with distal illumination
  • Guarded tip slot prevents fibre optic sheath breakage
  • 3x rotating viewing window, cannot be lost
  • Excellent viewing capabilities with large viewing port and window
  • Pneumatic testing with integral insufflation port
  • Disposable tips in 2.5mm and 4.0mm diameter, compatible with Heine
    so ideal for use in surgeries with a mixture of equipment
  • 2 piece modern design
  • Choice of Velcro or Zip pocket case

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