Disposable Pulp Vomit/Commode Bowls - Pack of 50

Disposable Pulp Vomit/Commode Bowls - Pack of 50

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A multipurpose commode pan liner designed for easy and quick handling.


Our Pulp Vomit/Commode Bowls come in packs of 50 and have a capacity of 1700 millilitres (0.35 gallons).

Versatile and disposable, our Pulp Vomit/Commode Bowls are made from recycled materials and can be disposed of through macerators. Their disposable nature makes them hygienic and reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

The Pulp Vomit/Commode Bowls feature a flat surface in order to ensure the product is steady when standing. Sturdy and durable, the strong sides of our Pulp Vomit/Commode Bowls mean it is able to support the weights of the content effectively when full.

For ease of use and storage, the Pulp Vomit/Commode Bowls are stackable and designed to be easy to carry when full. They are intended for single use and will effectively hold contents for a minimum of four hours.

The pulp disposable commode pan liner has been manufactured to ensure it reaches maximum hygiene standards and is compliant with British standard PAS29:1999.


Key Features:

-          Easy to handle for waste disposal

-          Reduced risk of cross-contamination

-          Cost Effective

-          Multipurpose

-          Strong sides

-          Easy to store

-          Easy to carry

-          Controlled pouring

-          Flat bottom surface

-          Disposable

-          Pack Size: 50

-          Capacity: 1700ml (0.35 gal)

-          Colour: Grey

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