Ramblegard Bedgard - Nurse Call - Medicare (6 pin RJ)

Ramblegard Bedgard - Nurse Call - Medicare (6 pin RJ)

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The Ramblegard bedgard is a durable and waterproof white plastic bed mat designed to be placed beneath the sheet and directly connected to a nurse call system. The pad will trigger an alarm detecting changes in pressure that indicate the user is attempting to sit up or get out of bed. It is fitted with a 2.5 meter breakaway cable to protect the monitor if the pad is unintentionally pulled from the bed. A 1.5 meter coiled cable is also available with a variety of jacks to suit all popular nurse call systems. It provides three alarm tones including flashing LEDs and adjustable volume, low battery indicator, strain relief point and caregiver facility to disable the alarm when managing care. The mat is supplied in a protective, soft case with a hanging strap, batteries and wall fixings are all included.

Dimensions: 760 x 510mm Net Weight: 320g Operating Weight: 10 - 200kg Operating Temp: 5°C - 40°C

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