Ramblegard Wireless Motiongard PIR Nurse Call Quantec

Ramblegard Wireless Motiongard PIR Nurse Call Quantec

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The Ramblegard Motiongard Wireless Nurse Call Sensor, is an ideal patient monitoring solution. It detects patient movement within a specific area, the narrow detection width and adjustable detection length makes it simple to set up accurately. It is also contact free which can be placed by a bed or at a doorway to alert body movement within the line of vision.By using the Motiongard there is no need for floor mat sensors, therefore removes potential trip hazards. Once triggered it sends a wireless alarm to a remote monitor/pager or call system.

It is fitted with a 360 degree ball mount bracket to enable full flexibility, it is easy to install with either double-sided tape or screws provided.

The Motiongard has the ability to work with all commonly used Nurse Call systems, or as a standalone device.

It works in conjunction with:

  • Wireless Jack RAM-CALL-WJACK
  • Wireless Jill
  • Wallmount Display Monitor
  • Wireless Monitor

Operated by 2 x AA batteries

Detection distance: 2 - 12m

Detection angle: 15 degrees

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