LOLER Hoist Certification

LOLER certified Hoist and Sling Testing

As well as being a leading supplier of high quality care home equipment and supplies in the UK, our commitment to delivering exceptional standards within care extends to the servicing of our equipment. We offer regular inspections carried out by our fleet of experienced and certified engineers. We offer full servicing for a range of equipment, including LOLER certified patient hoist servicing, as well as sling servicing.

The importance of maintaining care home equipment through regular inspections cannot be emphasised enough, and this includes regular checks of patient hoists and slings. The potential risks of not properly maintaining hoists and slings can be disastrous, for patients and care staff alike. Keeping patient hoists and slings in the best condition is therefore an absolute priority.


The Importance of LOLER Certification

For hoists specifically, servicing that complies with LOLER (the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998) must be carried out to ensure that the equipment is being used safely, and that this safety level is successfully maintained. This is achieved via regular examination by individuals trained specifically to LOLER standards.

LOLER applies to several types of lifts used within various industries, and is mandatory for equipment that has a primary function of ‘lifting or lowering of loads’ in a ‘work environment’, including care homes.

The difference with lifting equipment for care environments, however, is that lifting equipment purchased for personal care use within the home is no longer classed as work equipment, and so LOLER rules cease to apply. However, general duties under the Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 do apply. All of our engineers are LOLER certified, meaning that you will always receive the highest quality patient hoist servicing, regardless of your specific care environment, be it personal or professional.


Frequency of Patient Hoist Servicing

Typical requirements of hoist servicing include examination upon first use, immediately following installation, and then intermittently throughout the equipment’s lifespan, including any ‘exceptional’ circumstances. Initial and routine checks will be carried out by different individuals to ensure that there are no unnecessary risks to the patient.

We take every precaution to ensure that any damages are detected immediately and any complications are prevented. A complete understanding of LOLER standards, which all of our engineers hold, is crucial for successful and safe hoist servicing.


We are pleased to offer a free sling check with your first LOLER inspection. Contact us today to find out more information about our hoist and sling servicing, including our LOLER Ceiling Hoist Track Service and Inspection. If you would prefer a physical copy of the information we provide, please don’t hesitate to request one of our servicing brochures.

See our blog also for more information on patient hoists and slings, including how to use hoists safely in care and the different types of patient slings available.

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