Sidhil Changing Linen Trolley
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Sidhil Changing Linen Trolley

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The Sidhil Changing Linen Trolley is a convenient way to collect and distribute linen.


This top selling Sidhil Changing Linen Trolley is designed for internal linen redistribution; collecting soiled linen and delivering fresh linen.

The purpose-led, practical design allows the user to keep both fresh and soiled linen separate on the same trolley, for an efficient and organised delivery.

Supplied with one white* linen bag, together with three convenient aluminium shelves which lift out for easy cleaning.

Mounted on extra-large (100mm), non-marking rubber castors allowing ease of movement on a variety of surfaces. The white epoxy coating incorporates BioCote for extra protection against microbial contamination and easy, quick cleaning.

*Additional linen bags can be purchased and are readily available in an hygiene, colour-coded array, if better suited for your environment.  


Key Features:

-          Organises and stores linen

-          Encourages infection control compliance

-          Minimises clutter

-          Washable linen bag

-          Convenient aluminium removable shelves

-          Large, non-marking rubber castors

-          Wipe clean

-           Washable linen bag, up to 95 degrees, suitable for low temperature tumble dry


How to use:

-          Attach clean linen bag to holder

-          Place clean linen on shelves

-          Store soiled linen in linen bag

-          Remove soiled linen bag frequently and wash

-          Clean shelves regularly

-          Height: 1040 mm / 41 inches

-          Depth: 510 mm / 20 inches

-          Width: 1130 mm / 44.5 inches

-          Diameter (of linen bag ring): 485 mm / 19 inches

-          Height (to top shelf): 915 mm / 36 inches

-          Height (to bottom shelf): 230 mm / 9 inches

-          Material: Aluminium

-          Bag Size: 700 x 1010 mm

-          Bag Material: Polyester

-          Wipe clean and Bag washable up to 95 degrees

-          Suitable for low temperature tumble dry

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