Beaucare Spray & Wipe Sanitiser - 750 ml - Pack of 6
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Beaucare Spray & Wipe Sanitiser - 750 ml - Pack of 6

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A ready-to-use, multi-purpose, bactericidal cleaner ideal for use on most surfaces.


Our Beaucare Spray and Wipe Sanitiser is a ready-to-use, multi-purpose, bactericidal spray, designed to safely sanitise surfaces ready for food preparation.

The Beaucare Spray and Wipe Sanitiser is ideal for use in kitchens, food preparation areas and hospitals, due to its unscented formula.

Effectively eliminate and protect against bacteria, with the bactericidal formulation of the Beaucare Spray and Wipe Sanitiser.

Supplied in a 750ml plastic trigger spray bottle, the Beaucare Spray and Wipe Sanitiser is convenient, kind to the environment (refillable, and recyclable), and easy to use.

Highly economical in use, available in a 5L or 750ml ready-to-use formula.


Key Features:

-          Supplied in packs of 6

-          Ready to use formula

-          Trigger spray bottle

-          Unscented

-          Certified EN1276:2009


How to use:

-          Pre-clean dirty surfaces

-          Spray neat onto surface

-          Wipe with a clean, lint-free cloth


-          Store sealed in original container in a cool, well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight and extremes of temperature


*Please refer to COSHH for detailed information regarding chemical composition.

-          Pack Size: 6

-          Size: 750 ml

-          Colour: Pink

-          pH Level: 11

-          Oxidising: Non-oxidising (by EC criteria)

-          Solubility in water: Soluble

-          Viscosity: Non-viscous

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