Water-Fillable Bariatric Suit

Water-Fillable Bariatric Suit

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The Bariatric water-fillable suit enables users to place a manikin in situ before adding the weight, it is ideal when space is limited or if there is not enough people for a full-weight bariatric manikin when training.

The suit is provided with a complete kit including soft feet, plus all adapters and two short hoses for filling. The water meter which is included allows the person to monitor how much water is being added. The kit comes in a complete study bag for convenient carrying and storage. It is light enough for one person to carry into position and set up the training scenario.

Simply place the suit over the existing manikin and attach a hosepipe to fill up the water to achieve the required weight.


  • Suit is specially designed to convert any adult manikin into a Bariatric.
  • Innovative design allows one person to carry the equipment and position the ‘manikin’ in place.
  • Constructed from a highly specification Trilaminate of Cordura/Butyl/Polyester fabric. The combination makes it entirely waterproof yet hard-wearing and flexible.
  • Seams are triple stitched and taped by hand with aquatape for additional security against leakage.
  • It is advised not to drag the manikin across rough surfaces once it is wearing the suit, it should be moved using a bariatric carry sheet.
  • The weight of the complete manikin will depend on the dummy you place the suit on, up to 150kg of additional weight can be added using water (i.e. if the suit is placed on a 30kg manikin, the total weight of the bariatric will be 180kg once the suit and water is added). 

 Available size and weight:

Description Height (m) Weight (kg)
Water-Fillable Suit  1.8 5kg empty

When empty the suit is approximately 5kg and when placed in the bag for transportation it weighs around 7kg.


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