Why Should I Use a Training Manikin When Learning Safety Procedures?

Why Should I Use a Training Manikin When Learning Safety Procedures? image

What is a Training Manikin?

Training manikins are used to practise a range of different training techniques and procedures for professions which provide a duty of care. This type of training includes but is not limited to:


  • Rescue and disaster training
  • Medical training
  • Healthcare training
  • ALS and CPR specific training

There are a variety of different training manikins available in order to practise specific skills; Beaucare Medical provide a range of training manikins to suit all requirements.

The purpose of rescue manikins, healthcare manikins and other forms of training manikins is to help an individual initially learn and practise required skills away from a pressure sensitive environment.

Training Manikins vs Volunteers

So, why should you use a training manikin instead of using a volunteer? This may not seem the most logical approach, particularly when budgets are tight. However, volunteers are best suited for situations where the trainee has already had some level of training. Whilst trainees are in their initial stages of learning, using a training manikin is recommended as they will not have to worry about causing a manikin any pain or discomfort. Once they have had time to build up their confidence and hone their new skills, they can then move on to practise with a volunteer.

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The Benefits of Using Training Manikins

There are multiple benefits to using training manikins, many of which coincide with safeguarding regulations as well as protecting the dignity of both potential parties involved. In addition, using rescue manikins is a much more time efficient way to observe procedures and perfect methods, as rest breaks (which are required for volunteers) are no longer needed.

In care homes and the public sector in particular, there are sensitive training procedures that need to take place. Using medical manikins and other forms of training manikins help to alleviate any feelings of embarrassment at the earliest stages, adequately preparing trainees for what may be required of them later in their career.

For example, bariatric training is a delicate matter, as the weight you are lifting whilst training needs to be appropriate and realistic. You don’t want to offend or embarrass someone by asking them to volunteer for such a training process. That’s why a bariatric training manikin is a much better solution for this particular scenario.

What Can Happen if Training Mankins are not Used

Fire safety and evacuation training are both essential in care homes in order to abide by the Care Home Regulations Act 2001 and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Unfortunately, when fire safety training procedures are not practised or followed correctly, it can result in injury or even in some cases, fatality. Whether it’s CPR or evacuation training, it’s important that all staff feel confident and in control during these scenarios, which can only be achieved through the correct training and practice.

This recent report based on a fire that occurred in a care home in Hertfordshire, is an example of why appropriate training is required, not just in care homes but for all professions that involve a duty of care. The chief fire officer on duty that day comments, “if enough competent staff had been present and properly trained to carry out long-established and recognised guidance on evacuations in a care home I am sure that a full evacuation would have been started long before our arrival”. This statement highlights that if the correct regulations were adhered to and the right procedures were put in place, this unfortunate incident could have been avoided.


Remember there are accidents and incidents in which the results are unavoidable, regardless if policies and procedures are followed correctly. However, if correct training is given using equipment such as evacuation kits, healthcare manikins and other training manikins, there is a much higher chance of preserving life and avoiding injury.

For more information on training manikins please feel free to contact us. You can also take a look at our wide range of medical equipment and if you require any additional advice, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.