Zybax Ultra Odour Eliminator - Mint 1L

Zybax Ultra Odour Eliminator - Mint 1L

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Perfect For Use On All Surfaces. Ideal For Stubborn Odours.


Zybax Ultra concentrate is the ultimate odour eliminator and multi-purpose cleaner.

Containing 4 active odour eliminators:

1. Enzymes cut through any biofilm normally made from residual dirt, left-over surfactants and bad bacteria.

2. Friendly Zybax bacteria dominate the area, breaking down waste such as urine, faeces, vomit and milk in to harmless by-products such as water and carbon dioxide.

3. Instant action Odourbond™ is a specially formulated odour-bonding reagent which attacks odours on a molecular level; changing the structure so you can no longer smell it. Highly effective against a huge variety of odours ranging from urine, vomit and sour milk to refuse and faeces.

4. Carefully selected and blended fragrances that compliment any environment. Safe and easy to use and contains no harmful chemicals, Zybax Ultra is totally environment-friendly. Zybax contains an exceptional performing low foaming surfactant which is tough on dirt and stubborn soiling, cleaning and removing dirt.

A low foaming product easy to use by diluting into one of our purpose designedtrigger sprayers. It can be used in most scrubber driers for hard floors or after carpet cleaning by spraying or adding to the solution.

Suitable for use on any surface not harmed by water such as washrooms, floors, wall and toilets and urinals, carpets, curtains, upholstery and areas such as mattressess
and linen trolleys.


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