Moving & Handling

Moving patients can be challenging. Ensuring comfort, safety, and dignity should be the top priority - but we know it's not always easy. At Beaucare, we get it. We want to simplify your life with our wide selection of specialist moving and handling equipment.

Here at Beaucare, we have everything you need to empower patients and staff alike. Our quality slings, hoists, slide sheets and handling belts lead the field. While nationwide coverage means quick delivery and exceptional service every step of the way.

Join the thousands of establishments that trust us to enhance lives through safe, dignified movement. Explore our Moving & Handling product range below and shop online with Nationwide delivery.

Types of Moving & Handling Equipment

Moving people should never be a struggle. At Beaucare, we provide a range of specialist Moving & Handling equipment designed to lift the strain for patients and carers alike.

Our easy-to-use and comfortable transfer aids lift the strain for everyone. Patients maintain dignity. Staff avoid injury. Difficult tasks become easier. And you get to focus on what matters - providing compassionate care.

Need a little help with turning and repositioning? Our turntable transfer aids offer a smooth, stable and comforting solution.

Is it time for a wash? Our adjustable shower chairs cater for all heights, and our mobile shower commodes allow easy rolling access to the bathroom. We ensure dignity and safety however complex the mobility needs.

Facing an emergency evacuation? Our evacuation sheets and mats make moving people swift and simple in critical situations without compromising on care.

From sturdy slide sheets to specially designed slings, Beaucare selects and supplies handling equipment tailored to your precise requirements. Ensuring transferring patients is always safe for both carers and care receivers. No matter the specific mobility challenges faced.

Join over 2000 care establishments nationwide trusting our products to reduce manual handling risks. Shop online today with Nationwide delivery and installations or call 01423873666 today to speak to our specialist team about solving your moving and handling equipment needs.

Why Choose Beaucare

Finding the right moving and handling equipment is just the first step. Maintaining your vital supplies in quality working order is an ongoing task that can quickly become overwhelming.

At Beaucare, our dedication doesn't end once your order arrives. We provide complete, hassle-free solutions every step of the way. Allowing you to focus your efforts where they belong – on delivering exceptional care.

Experience the Beaucare difference:

  • Servicing, Maintenance, and Repair Services: Let our experts handle any necessary upkeep through unlimited call-out maintenance plans. We'll keep your equipment in flawless condition year after year with our Care Equipment Repairs & Maintenance Services.
  • Caresource Online Portal: Our online platform lets you easily reorder supplies, check invoices, and access customer support 24/7. No more frustrating paperwork! Plus keep up to date on Services and Inspections to ensure compliance at all times.
  • Nationwide Delivery: Enjoy speedy delivery across the UK, thanks to our team of delivery drivers based across England, Scotland and Wales.
  • Installation Service: Our engineers handle full setup so new equipment is ready to make a difference in your care home immediately after delivery.

Join over 5000 care establishments trusting Beaucare as their simplified, one-stop Moving & Handling equipment supplier today!

The Importance of Moving & Handling Equipment

Moving and handling equipment is widely used in care and hospital settings. These products can be used any time you support a patient in your care to move. This includes helping them to get in and out of bed and assisting them with going to the toilet and bathing or showering. Using the correct equipment not only allows patients to receive a high standard of care but also prevents back pain and injury to carers.

We stock a huge range of different moving and handling products, ranging from assistance baths and hoists to transfer aids and specialist seating. We supply market-leading equipment from the industry’s most reputable brands, ensuring quality and reliability. Our essential equipment can be used in many different settings, from private homes and care homes to hospitals.


Will your Moving & Handling products work for my particular setting?

Absolutely. Our range caters for all environments, from private care homes to hospitals to schools and therapy centres. Just chat with our team about your specific needs and we'll point you in the right direction.

Do you offer Maintenace & Repairs for Moving & Handling Equipment?

Of course we do. We have engineers based across the UK on hand to help you with all your Repairs, Maintenance and Servicing needs for your Moving & Handling equipment. Just give us a call!

Can you install the Moving & Handling Equipment?

Yes, we'll handle the entire installation process to get your new moving and handling equipment working wonders from the moment they arrive.

Do you supply rare or unique moving aids?

If we don't already stock it, we'll move mountains to source specialist equipment on your behalf. Just ask!

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you need guidance finding the ideal handles, hoists, slings or anything else. We're here to simplify every step for you.

Ready to enhance your care quality?