Lifting and transferring individuals can be a demanding task. Ensuring comfort, safety, and dignity should be the top priority - but we understand it's not always straightforward.

At Beaucare, we aim to simplify your life with our extensive selection of hoisting equipment, including bath hoists, mobile hoists, stand assists, patient hoists, rota stands, and more. Explore the range below and shop now with Nationwide delivery.

Shop Hoists at Beaucare

Our user-friendly and comfortable hoists alleviate the strain for everyone involved. Patients maintain dignity, and staff reduce the risk of injury while complying with Health & Safety regulations.

Thanks to our Hoist product range, complex tasks become more manageable, allowing you to focus on delivering compassionate care in a safe working environment.

Beaucare offers everything you need to empower both patients and staff in the realm of hoisting. Our high-quality bath hoists, mobile hoists, stand assists, patient hoists, rota stands, and handling belts set the industry standard. With nationwide coverage, expect prompt delivery and exceptional service at every stage.

Join the numerous establishments that rely on us to enhance lives through safe and dignified hoisting. Call today to experience the Beaucare difference.

Types of Hoisting Equipment

Hoisting individuals should never be a challenge. At Beaucare, we provide a comprehensive range of specialised hoisting equipment designed to lift the strain for patients and caregivers alike. Our selection includes:

  • Bath Hoists: Ensure a comfortable and secure bathing experience with our adjustable bath hoists catering to different needs.
  • Mobile Hoists: Facilitate seamless transfers and movement with our easy-to-use mobile hoists, offering both safety and comfort.
  • Stand Assists: Provide assistance to individuals in a standing position with our stand assist hoists, promoting independence and safety.
  • Patient Hoists: Our patient hoists offer versatile solutions for lifting and transferring individuals with varying mobility levels.
  • Rota Stands: Enhance patient mobility and comfort during transfers with our rota stands, designed for stability and ease of use.

As part of our wider Moving & Handling range, Beaucare selects and supplies hoisting equipment tailored to your precise requirements. Ensuring the transfer of patients is always safe for both caregivers and care receivers, no matter the specific mobility challenges faced.

So, why not join over 2000 care establishments trusting our products to reduce manual handling risks? Call 01423 873 666 today to speak to our specialist team about addressing your specific hoisting equipment needs!

Why Choose Beaucare

Finding the right hoisting equipment is just the first step. Maintaining, servicing and repairing your hoisting equipment is an ongoing task that can quickly become overwhelming.

But, at Beaucare, our dedication doesn't end once your order arrives. We provide complete, hassle-free solutions every step of the way, allowing you to focus your efforts where they belong – on delivering exceptional care.

On top of professional Hoist Installations, our expert team also provides Nationwide LOLER Inspections and Care Equipment Servicing & Maintenance to Care Homes and Hospitals, Schools, Therapy Centres and more - meaning we’re always on hand to help.

Experience the Beaucare difference:

  • Servicing, Maintenance, and Repair Services: Let our experts handle any necessary upkeep through unlimited call-out maintenance plans. We'll keep your hoisting equipment in flawless condition year after year.
  • Caresource Online Portal: Our online platform lets you easily reorder supplies, check invoices, and access customer support 24/7. No more frustrating paperwork!
  • Nationwide Delivery: Enjoy speedy delivery across the UK thanks to our fleet of Beaucare drivers who always go the extra mile.
  • Installation Service: Our engineers handle full setup to ensure your new hoisting equipment is ready to make a difference in your care facility immediately after delivery.


Why invest in specialist hoisting equipment like bath hoists and mobile hoists?

Hoisting individuals without aids often means strain for both patients and caregivers. The right equipment, including bath hoists and mobile hoists, protects dignity and backs - it's essential, not optional.

Will your hoists work for my particular setting?

Absolutely. Our range caters for all environments, from private homes to large-scale facilities. Just chat with our team about your specific needs, whether it's bath hoists, mobile hoists, stand assists, patient hoists, rota stands, or more.

Do you provide Hoist Repairs & Maintenance?

Of course. When you purchase Hoists from Beaucare we don’t just drop it off and that’s it. We have a team of expert engineers based across the country who are on-hand to carry out essential repairs, services and maintenance whenever you need it.

Can you help with Hoist Installations?

Yes! Our expert engineers will install your new Hoist in no time, ensuring everything is 100% safe and compliant, whilst also providing you with advice on how to use and maintain the equipment.

Do you supply rare or unique hoisting aids?

If we don't already stock it, we'll move mountains to source specialist hoisting equipment to meet your specific needs. If you don’t see something you need on our site, just ask!