Profiling Beds and Medical Beds are essential for providing a base level of care for your residents. Whether they’re elderly, disabled, or injured, adjustable beds are vital for maintaining a high level of comfort for users, whilst also aiding in mobility, increasing patient safety and reducing the risks associated with manual handling for your carers.

Here at Beaucare, we’ve been supplying specialist medical beds to Care Homes across the country for over 30 years. Our expert team can help you in finding the right beds for your residents - whatever their needs!

Explore our wide selection of Profiling Beds, Bed Rails, Bumpers & Accessories below.

Beds for Care Homes & Nursing Homes

Our range of medical beds, rails and bumpers have been specifically designed for use in care environments, including Care Homes and Nursing Homes.

As a leading UK supplier of Medical Equipment and Consumables for the Care sector, we take enormous pride in our product range and knowledge.

With 30 years of experience, you can rest assured that you’re in more than capable hands when you choose Beaucare as your Medical Bed Supplier.

Our Pro-Bed Range

Thanks to our strong supplier and product knowledge, we’ve developed our own Beaucare range of Profiling Beds - discover our Pro-Bed products below:

Patient Care Bed Types

No two residents are the same, and neither are their medical requirements - that’s why we have a selection of Bed Types available to suit your residents. Discover the types of Care Beds we stock below.

Profiling Beds

Our selection of Profiling Beds has been carefully selected because of their quality. Electric profiling beds are specially designed to enhance the comfort and safety of your residents, with customisable features able to cater to their specific medical needs. Equipped with electric motors that allow for adjustments in the head, foot, and overall height sections of the bed, these beds play a vital role in care homes.

Profiling beds provide residents with the ability to find the most comfortable position for various activities like sitting up, reclining, or elevating their legs; promoting better mobility and pressure relief.

Their adjustability also benefits caregivers, providing easier access to care provision and assisting in the transferring of residents - minimising the risks involved in manual handling and the strain placed on carers.

Low Height Beds

Low-Height Beds, also referred to as Low Profile Beds, are the perfect solution for residents with mobility issues or those at particular risk of falls. By reducing the distance between the floor and the mattress, you minimise the potential impact and risk of injuries in the event of a fall.

Plus, the lower height makes it much easier for residents to get in and out of bed independently, thereby promoting their mobility and giving them back some independence.

Low Beds are also beneficial for carers, as the reduced height makes it easier for carers to provide assistance, perform their daily care tasks, and ensure resident safety.

Floor Beds

As the name suggests, Floor Beds are beds that are placed directly on the floor, eliminating the traditional elevated bed frame. They are typically used for individuals who are at high risk of falls or have mobility challenges.

By placing the bed on the floor, you reduce the risk of falling from a higher surface, providing a safer sleeping and resting environment for your residents. This is especially important for individuals with conditions such as dementia, Alzheimer’s disease or balance issues, as it helps to minimise potential injuries from falls.

Floor beds can also help to make residents feel more at home, reducing the anxiety involved in being in a new environment. Additionally, Floor Beds aid carers by making it easier to get residents into and out of bed.

Bariatric Beds

Bariatric Beds are specialised beds designed to accommodate individuals who are overweight and are regularly used in care homes to provide appropriate and safe sleeping surfaces for residents with higher weight requirements.

They offer several features and benefits that cater to the specific needs of individuals with bariatric conditions, including enhanced weight capacity and capability. This ensures the structural integrity of the bed while ensuring the safety of the bed for heavier users - this also prevents issues such as bed frame collapse or mattress distortion that can lead to potential injuries and discomfort.

Bariatric beds also offer wider sleep surfaces to accommodate the larger body frames of individuals. This extra width allows for more comfortable positioning and movement during sleep, reducing the risk of pressure ulcers or skin breakdown that can occur with prolonged periods of immobility.

Our range of Bariatric Beds features adjustable head and foot sections that allow residents to find personalised positions that optimise comfort and support. Their use in care homes helps to ensure the safety, dignity and well-being of residents with higher weight requirements.

Bed Rails, Handles & Bumpers

Bed rails, handles, and bumpers are vital in the care environment as they provide essential safety and support for residents.

Bed Rails provide a physical barrier that helps residents stay secure and maintain their balance; they’re vital for preventing accidental falls during sleep or when getting in and out of bed. Similarly, Bed Handles offer additional assistance by giving individuals something to hold onto when moving or repositioning themselves, promoting independence and reducing the risk of falls.

Bumpers, including All Round Bumpers, Head or Foot Board Bumpers and Cot Side Bumpers, are used to prevent injury by cushioning impact and minimising the risk of accidental collisions with the bed frame, minimising potential hazards and ensuring a secure care environment.

Care Home Bed Installation, Repairs & Maintenance

As well as offering our wide range of specialist bed products, our expert team also provide installation, repairs and maintenance services to help keep your Care Home fully compliant and safe. 

We have experienced engineers based across the country ready to deliver and install your Care Beds. They’ll get your new bed set up and ready to use before demonstrating its key features and showing you how to maintain your new purchase.

Please note an Installation fee may be required for some products - for more information, please visit our Delivery Information page.

Learn more about our Bed Inspection Services today.

Benefits of Adjustable Beds

Our extensive range of Adjustable Beds provides numerous benefits for both the primary users (residents) and secondary users such as caregivers, healthcare professionals, and care home staff.

  • Enhanced Comfort - Profiling beds allow users to adjust the position of their beds to find the most comfortable and supportive position for various activities, including reading, sitting, eating, and sleeping.

  • Improved Mobility & Independence - The adjustable features of profiling beds enable residents to easily get in and out of bed, promoting independence and reducing the risk of falls or injuries. The bed's height adjustment capabilities also assist caregivers in providing their essential care tasks and transfers.

  • Pressure Relief & Increased Circulation - Profiling beds can be adjusted to alleviate pressure on specific areas of the body, reducing the risk of pressure ulcers or bedsores. The ability to elevate the legs can also improve blood circulation and help manage conditions like oedema.

  • Facilitating Care - The adjustability of profiling beds assists caregivers in providing better care. They can raise the bed to a comfortable working height, reducing strain on their backs and making tasks such as dressing, bathing, and changing bedding easier, thereby reducing the risks associated with manual handling.

  • Falls Prevention - By enabling residents to raise the head section, profiling beds can help prevent falls as they provide support for sitting up and getting out of bed. Additionally, the bed's low-height option can minimize fall risks for individuals with mobility issues.

  • Tailored Positioning - Profiling beds allow caregivers to position residents in a way that supports specific healthcare needs, such as elevating the upper body for respiratory conditions or facilitating better digestion by raising the head section after meals.

  • Safety & Security - Profiling beds often come with built-in safety features such as side rails, ensuring residents are protected from accidental falls during sleep or when adjusting positions.

  • Ease of Cleaning & Maintenance - Many profiling beds have features that make cleaning and maintenance tasks more convenient, such as removable mattress platforms and easily accessible components.

  • Dignity & Well-being - The ability to adjust the bed according to individual preferences and needs contributes to residents' overall well-being and sense of dignity, as they have greater control over their own comfort and positioning.

  • Versatility - Profiling beds can accommodate a wide range of residents with varying care needs, making them suitable for care homes that cater to individuals with different medical conditions, disabilities, or mobility limitations.